Blossom Counseling Services

Find your calm and foster your strength through holistic counseling services for mental well-being.

Therapies Blending Time-Honored Traditions with Holistic Innovations

Play Therapy

Sparking joy and healing through imagination.

For children experiencing emotional challenges, our playful approach uses games, art, and storytelling to help them express themselves, build coping skills, and find calm.


Reconnecting with nature, healing within. 

Immerse yourself in the calming power of the outdoors as we explore nature’s therapeutic benefits to reduce stress, anxiety, and boost your well-being.

Substance Abuse

Finding pathways to freedom from addiction. 

Through compassionate support and individual or group therapy, we empower individuals struggling with substance abuse to reclaim their lives and embrace recovery.


Unveiling your inner strength, one step at a time. 

Whether facing daily stressors, life transitions, or emotional roadblocks, our therapists will guide you with evidence-based approaches to navigate challenges and thrive.

Individualized Wellness Paths for Your Unique Needs


Diverse Team

Empathy from a spectrum of cultural perspectives.


Holistic Approaches

Fostering balance with comprehensive holistic care.


Mind-Body Connection

Cultivating mental clarity and physical tranquility.


Tradition + Modern

Blending traditional and modern healing for complete care.


Inclusive Healing

Welcoming all paths to wellness in our healing space.

Embark on a path to well-being with Blossom.

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We Will Help You Find Your Fit

We know that looking for a counselor can feel overwhelming.

We are here to help guide you to the counselor that is best for your needs. If that counselor turns out to
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